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Flooded Yard

French Drain Installation Plumbers

Is your backyard flooding and you are thinking of building an arc to get you out of town when the rains hit? Auger Pros Plumbing & Drain, Frisco’s Premier French Drain Installation Plumber can install a french drain outside and help you leave the lakes to the state parks.

If your lawn is a pool of standing water, the solution may be a French drain. A French drain is excellent at collecting and channeling water, diverting it safely away from your home or yard. If you have any slope in your landscape, you can be sure that water runoff will quickly flow downhill but if your yard is flat and there is nowhere for the water to run, then without proper drainage you will face constant standing water especially if the underlying soil is clay-based( which in Texas it definitely is!). Our French Drain experts can easily diagnose these issues and determine if a French drain is what you need.

What is a French Drain?

An outdoor French drain is a trench you cover in rocks. It’s connected to pipes to guide water away from your home. The first part of French drains is the elevated end, referred to as a drain field. The drain field is where the groundwater or excess surface water enters the drain pipes. Then, there’s the second part: the French drain exit point, which is the lowest point where the water leaves the drain.

The Frisco Professional French Drain Experts

How Do French Drains Work?

Water will always drain to the lowest point along the most straightforward path and readily move in loose soil into in the crevices. That is where a French drain comes in. It provides this accessible path and creates a sunken channel, encouraging water to drain out of the surrounding soil and flow along a smooth course.

For a French drain to function properly, it must leverage gravity as it initially forces the water down from the surface from saturated soil, pulling it along the downward-sloping pipe to the appropriate discharge point.

You should slope the trench bottom around an inch for every eight feet in the direction you’re looking to have the water flow. Depending on your particular circumstances, you can divert the water to:

  • The street
  • A drainage ditch
  • A low-lying spot on your property
  • A dry well

A simple way to decide where to install the French drain around your house is to look for areas where water pools, particularly if the water is sitting for hours or days after it rains.

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French Drain Benefits

Benefits Of French Drains

A French drain can be a blessing for your land and home. They have several advantages.

1. Efficient drainage: A significant benefit of a French drain is its ability to move water away from your home or foundation. You can choose where you want the water to go. A French drain helps keep your property dry to prevent potential foundation water damage.
2. Affordable: A French drain is surprisingly affordable when you compare it with other waterproofing techniques.
3. Transforms your lawn: You can change what would otherwise be a damp, spongy lawn into a play area for your children or a garden for you.
4. Fast: Installing a French drain is relatively quick, depending on the complexity and size of the French drain you require.

Call (214) 206-6580 today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from AugerPros Plumbing.


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