Commercial Plumbing Company in Plano

When your business needs plumbing services, it’s usually an emergency, you may not even be able to run your business until the plumbing repair is completed. Looking through the search results, you are not going to find too many plumbing companies that specialize in Commercial Plumbing Repair services. That is because it is much more difficult, it takes expensive tools, and knowledge that a lot of licensed plumbers do not have.

Augerpros Plumbing has a commercial division that takes the time to train our commercial plumbers, and make sure they are equipped with the proper commercial plumbing tools to do the job. We are skilled with commercial toilets, commercial urinals, commercial faucets, drains, water lines, gas lines, water heaters, boilers, and more.

Don’t hire just any plumber to work on your commercial equipment, if they have not been trained, they will most likely not know what to do, and can cost you valuable time and money.

Commercial Toilet Repair and Installation

Most businesses will have commercial grade toilets, this includes parts like Sloan flush valves, commercial grade handles, and flushing mechanisms. These are nothing like working with your toilet at home, and they require an experienced commercial plumber.

Augerpros works with most brands of commercial toilets, Kohler, American Standard, and more. Our licensed professionals can give you options of repair or replacement/installation based on your needs.

Commercial Urinal Repair and Installation

We work with most brands of urinals as well. Urinals require someone who has experience with the ins and outs of how they work and how they are mounted. Clogged urinals may require that they be pulled from the wall. Flush valves may only need parts, or replacement depending on the condition of them. We protect your beautiful chrome flush valves by not using standard pipe wrenches, but toothless pipe wrenches. These high pressure systems usually run larger pipes and can flood a business very fast if not done properly.

Commercial Drain Cleaning and Jetting

Most commercial drains and sewers are much larger and more complex than standard residential drains and sewers. Sometimes drains end up going to greasetraps, which an inexperienced plumber can get stuck in if they dont know what they are doing. With many businesses having multiple toilets, or sinks, or even bar sinks, the layout of the system can be complex and tricky. All of our commercial vans carry high tech sewer cameras, tracing equipment, and locating equipment, so they can trace down each line, and isolate leaks and breaks if needed.

Many commercial drain systems are much longer than the 50-75 feet that residentail drains and sewers are. Most plumbers that are not specifically equipped for commercial plumbing only carry 75 – 100 feet at best. We are well equipped with the amount of sewer cable or jetting hose needed for almost any application.

Our jetting services are well equipped for most businesses also, up to 8″ sewer lines, with high pressure, and multi-direction nozzles to clear out a drain like brand new. Think of a car wash wand, but on the end of a high pressure hose. This runs up your sewer line, and clears it out, scouring the inside of you lines so you don’t have to worry about them anytime soon.

Restaurants, malls, apartments, hotels, night clubs can all benefit from our scheduled jetting programs. We give special discounts on regularly scheduled jetting, keeping you from clogging up during your busy times, and having to shut down. Contact our offices and schedule a time for us to come out and draw up a plan for you.

Commercial Faucet Repair and Installation

Commercial faucets get a lot more use than ordinary residential faucets. At best, you may accomadate a few customers in a restaurant bathroom a day, but many times, you have dishwashers using them all day and most of the night, and eventually they need repaired or replaced.

Augerpros is well trained to handle installation and repair of commercial faucets, for kitchens and bathrooms. TS Faucets are a popular brand, but we also handle many others. We are able to identify most of them immediately, and get them replaced or repaired quickly, so you have minimal downtime.

Commercial Water Heaters and Boilers

Most businesses rely on hot water, and when it goes away, the clock starts ticking. Usually it needs to be back up as soon as possible. Our commercial plumbers are trained to identify problems with water heaters and boilers, and get them fixed quickly.

Commercial water heaters are much different than residential water heaters. They are built to last longer, and take more abuse. They are much heavier, and sometimes require special lifts just to get them in and out. The pricing on commercial water heaters is very different as well.

Commercial water heaters can come in gas or electric, and many of them have complex digital boards, and systems. These are not a task for an ordinary plumber.

Commercial water heaters are also more time consuming if they need replaced, just getting one delivered may take a day or 2, and the installation takes a lot longer as well. If you believe your commercial water heater is on it’s way out, or it’s older, or giving you signs that it’s needing help, it’s best to schedule that in your downtime before it becomes an emergency, and you have to close your business down, or your bathrooms down.

Commercial Boilers require a special license, a regular plumbing license is not adequate. They are mostly very complex systems, and should not be tampered with by someone who does not have the experience and proper licensing. Augerpros can handle your commercial boiler needs. Again, these are not fast installations, if you think your boiler may be on it’s way out, or it’s older, call us today to get an inspection setup, a little maintenance goes a long way.

Commercial Drinking Fountains

Augerpros Plumbing installs and repairs commercial drinking fountains. There are some interesting water fountains out these days. Hands free bottle filling stations to keep us from using plastic bottles are very popular, especially in gyms, malls, and hotels. We can convert your standard drinking fountain to a hands free bottle filling system as well. Call today for more information.

Commercial Water Line Repair

Augerpros Plumbing handles commercial water line repair for large and smaller commercial buildings. We detect, locate, and repair water leaks under slab foundations, and in walls, in most cases without having to disrupt the foundation or flooring at all. We use tunneling techniques for under slab leak work, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your flooring or foundation issues afterwards.

We also install new water lines for whatever application needed.

Commercial Sewer Line Repair

Augerpros Plumbing handles commercial sewer and drain line repair for large and smaller commercial buildings. We detect, locate, and repair sewer leaks under slab foundations, and in walls, in most cases without having to disrupt the foundation or flooring at all. We use tunneling techniques for under slab leak work, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your flooring or foundation issues afterwards.

If you are experiencing sewer smell, we can also perform a smoke test, which is simply filling the sewer lines with smoke, and seeing where the leak is.

We also install and repair commercial cleanouts, whether they be cast iron, or PVC, we can access through concrete, asphalt, or dirt. We also work on and install floor drains.

Commercial Gas Line Repair

Augerpros Plumbing handles commercial gas line repair for large and smaller commercial buildings. If your gas has been shut off for leaks, we can pull the city permit required and do the testing, locating, and repair to get your gas on as quick as possible for you.

We also install gas line systems for commercial application, whether it be for something as simple as a little restaurant, or something larger, we have you covered.