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Is your sink unable to drain and you find yourself searching ” Clogged Drain Plumber in The Colony?” or “Plumber Near Me”? Kitchen sink drains are notorious for getting clogs on a fairly predictable basis, mostly due to a lack of education on what should and should not go down the drain. Being that dishes get rinsed off in the sink, food particles are easily flushed down the drain, and too much trust is put into a garbage disposal. The problem is, grease does not disappear when the disposal is run, it simply runs down the drain, and accumulates on the walls of the drain, until finally it is completely blocked. It’s easier for food to get trapped and caught up in the drain when the walls are filled with grease and dish soap also.

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Many Colony homeowners do not know that their kitchen sink and laundry drains are connected in multiple places and what happens in one, can affect the other. Homeowners will try to use a plunger or chemicals to unstop the clog, sometimes successfully. However, if the clog is further down than the immediate area of the sink, the water will just push out the other side, or if the chemicals do not work, a sewer drain technician will have to deal with the acids when they get there.

If you are having the following issues with your kitchen sink drain, Please give us a Call:

  • Kitchen sink drain making noise when the machine is draining, like filling with liquid
  • Kitchen sink drain overflowing when water is let out, or bubbling up on the other side
  • P-trap under the sink leaking out when water is drained
  • Bad odor continually coming from the sink

We also offer jetting services to clear out your kitchen line before it gets clogged up. It’s an inexpensive way to help ensure you do not have an emergency at the worst possible time.

What is Jetting?

Accessing a cleanout, an area of the plumbing system that allows a specialist to easily gain access to the pipes, the plumber inserts a hose that’s connected to a tank of water. The hose then has high-pressured water shooting through it into the pipes utilizing a specialized machine that pressurizes water from the tank.

Professional licensed plumbers have the expertise to deliver the right water pressure for the problem at hand, which varies depending on the condition of the pipes. In general, a plumber may pressurize the water up to a 5,000 psi, or more, and deliver as many as 20 gallons of water per minute.

The process of removing buildup involves working with gravity. The majority of home plumbing systems use gravity to pull wastewater out of the home and into the local sewer system. The hydro jetting tool works from the bottom up. Inserted into the downstream portion of the system, it moves upstream, working its way up through the system. As the water scours the pipes, the debris that’s dislodged then moves down, with gravity, safely flushing the debris out of the system.

Augerpros Plumbing & Drain can send out an experienced licensed sewer and drain technician to your Colony home or business that will take care of your kitchen clogged drain in a jiffy! Our courteous professional plumbers will get your sinks flowing again in no time!

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Got Clogged Pipes?

Although it’s easy to google “how to unclog a drain,” it’s better to leave that chore to a professional plumber. Cleaners such as Drain-o are harmful and could make the situation much worse. Not only can our team quickly remedy any clogs or issues and have the tools to do so, we have decades of experience to ensure the job gets done right.

Call (214) 206-6580 today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from AugerPros Plumbing.


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