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Hard Water Build Up

Hard Water Build Up, Sachse

Sachse, Texas Water Filtration Systems, Softeners, and Descalers

If you live in the Sachse area, chances are you suffer from hard water and the scaling that comes with it. White crusty calcium deposits on fixtures don’t only look bad, they are very destructive. They build up inside your pipes, faucets, and even your water heater and wreak havoc. Auger Pros Plumbing can help you avoid this by installing water filtration systems, softeners, and descalers.

From a personal standpoint- I can tell you that when I moved to North Texas- the hard water started having a horrible effect on my once long hair. It became green and lifeless and had hard water build-up and no matter what my hairdresser did, she couldn’t fix it. It finally came back to life after Auger Pros Plumbing installed the following descaler in my home and it was so worth the investment.

Flow-Tech De-Scaler

A solution to this harsh damaging problem is a proven de-scaler from Flow Tech. Their technology uses frequencies that travel from your water heater up through all of your water lines, to not only stop this process going forward but also to remove calcium build-up that is already there.

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water descaler
Flow- Tech Home

Flow-Tech Descalers also help prevent your Water Heater from Bursting

One of the worst parts of this hard water damaging process is the water heater. As the calcium builds up, it gets harder and harder for the tank to keep water hot, as it has to get through the build-up to heat the water. Also, the angle stops that allow you to shut the water heater off in case of emergency can get built up, and actually burst, causing very dangerous situations.

Other Hard Water Solution Options:

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Whole-house water filtration offers a number of benefits. Most importantly, it can remove harmful chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria from your home’s water supply, making your water healthier to drink and bathe in. These systems can also improve the taste of your water, remove unwanted odors, and lead to softer hair and skin, cleaner dishes, and a safer, cleaner home. Who wouldn’t love that?

If you’re interested in having a whole-house water filtration system installed in your home or need repairs for your existing system, contact Auger Pros Plumbing today. We can help you find the right solution for your needs and ensure that your system functions properly, day in and day out.

Types of Water Filtration Systems We Install & Repair

Various water filtration systems do different things. For example, an activated carbon system helps remove chemicals and unwanted particles while offering the ease and convenience of replaceable filter cartridges. A reverse osmosis system, on the other hand, offers unparalleled effectiveness in removing nearly all unwanted contaminants from your water supply.

  • CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter: A whole house carbon filter is a convenient, cost-efficient way to effectively remove or reduce many of the undesirable chemicals, disinfectant by-products, and volatile organic compounds commonly found in municipal water supplies.

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  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: This type of filtration removes dissolved inorganic solids from water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. To create the force necessary, the reverse osmosis system uses different areas of pressure. The high-pressure area naturally moves toward the lower pressure area, pushing the water through the membrane. This process allows a reverse osmosis system to extract extremely small pollutants that standard filters often miss.

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Our plumbing technicians are capable of installing, repairing, and servicing all types of whole-house water filtration systems, including but not limited to:

  • Activated carbon/carbon block systems
  • Ion exchange filters/water softeners
  • Reverse-osmosis filtration systems
  • Ultraviolet disinfection systems
  • Distillation systems

We can help you find the perfect solution based on your unique needs. Our highly trained and experienced plumbing technicians can answer your questions and offer their honest, professional recommendations.

Water Softener Systems

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Dual Function Softener/Filter

Water softeners work seamlessly with your home’s plumbing system and appliances. Through the process of ion exchange, water softeners remove minerals (calcium and magnesium) in water that cause rust stains, calcium buildup, and more issues in your pipes and appliances. A water softener will not only make cleaning the house easier and your water taste better; it will also prolong the service life of appliances that use water.


Benefits of a Water Softener System

You will notice significant changes in your Sachse, Texas household or establishment after installing your water softener system. Some of the most common improvements include:

  • Softer skin and smoother hair after taking a bath or shower
  • Glassware, cutlery, dishes, and mirrors that shine
  • Less soap curd formation when cleaning
  • Less soap and shampoo is required to get clean
  • Clothing & fabrics last longer than they used to
  • Garments feel softer to wear and touch
  • White clothing looks brighter and whiter
  • Lower monthly energy costs
  • Extends the life of appliances that use water
  • Easier to water delicate plants
  • Extends the life of your plumbing

Water Filtration System, Water Softener and Descaler Installation Plumber in Sachse

If you want to get softer water for your appliances and better-tasting water from your tap, call Auger Pros Plumbing. We can install a water filtration system, descaler or water softener for your whole home and help improve your skin, health, plumbing system, and the environment. Contact our Sachse professional plumbers at Auger Pros Plumbing today at 214-206-6580 for the installation or service of your filtration system. We’d love to work with you!

Sachse Plumbing and Drain Services

Skilled Sachse Water Filtration System, Water Softener and Descaler Installation Plumbers

Flow-Tech Home neutralizes the magnesium and calcium ions in your hard water, allowing them to stay in your water and go out with flow – instead of sticking to your pipes and appliances. Learn how.

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Carbon Whole House Water Filtration System

Benefits Of Whole House Water Filtration Systems

  • Enjoy safe drinking water all the time. The consequences of having unsafe drinking water can be dire. Pollutants like heavy metals can have profound health consequences at worst, or at best make your water unpalatable. While the vast majority of municipal water systems in the United States do an excellent job of treating our water, there is always the danger of system failures, so it’s best to be safe. If you filter your water with an effective home water filtration system you’re making a smart investment in the health of your family.
  • Save money. If you’re buying bottled water for your family to use at home the costs can add up quickly. For the average family drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day, annual costs can easily exceed $500. That’s money can be recouped in a timely fashion after you install a water filtration system in your home. And there’s another drawback to bottled water…
  • Help preserve our environment. If you’ve fSachse into the habit of buying bottled water thinking that you’re benefiting your health, think again. Repeatedly buying bottled water costs far more than having a water filtration system installed in your home. Plastic water bottles also pose a big threat to our environment—most end up in landfills where they can take hundreds of years to start breaking down. Another downside? Many plastic water bottles contain chemicals that can seep into the water inside, so you’re only introducing more potential contaminants into your body. Installing a home filtration system will give you clean, better tasting water without affecting the environment.
  • Longer lasting plumbing and appliances. Minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals in your water can cause corrosion and damage to your pipes and water-using appliances. By eliminating these potentially damaging factors at the source you can extend the life of your pipes, hot-water heaters, and other home appliances.
  • Prevent skin irritation. Substances such as heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine in the water can aggravate skin conditions.  This includes psoriasis and eczema, especially in children.
  • Save on soap and enjoy cleaner clothes. An advanced home water filtration system acts in the same way as a water softener. This will help you to use less soap to clean your body, your dishes, and your clothes. Hard water has minerals that prevent the ionic action of soap, thus its cleaning power is minimized
  • Reduces limescale and other mineral deposits. Limescale can build up in pipes and appliances, and it often makes your water taste unpleasant. A quality whole-home water filtration system will alleviate many of the issues associated with limescale, and give you better tasting water as well.
    With a water filtration system in your home, you’ll enjoy the clean, crisp taste of pure water, every time you open your tap.
  • Enhance disaster preparedness.  If a sewer line bursts near your house, it can cause water contamination. However, you will be protected in you have an advanced home water filtration system installed for the whole house.

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