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8 Benefits of a Plumbing Line Video Camera Inspection

8 Benefits of a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

Sewer Video Camera
Sewer Video Camera

Auger Pros Plumbing invests in all the latest technology because our customer’s happiness and homes are important to us. When plumbing companies invest in the latest equipment in the field; this is a reflection of their dedication to their clients. One such tool in our industry is a sewer line video camera inspection.

What Are Video Inspection Cameras?

These inspection cameras are advanced tools that involve inserting a video camera into the sewer or drain line while we look on a television screen to see the blockages inside of your pipes. Often, when there is an issue within the pipes, it is difficult to identify the precise issue without having an x-ray vision. This camera can actually go inside the pipes looking for the plumbing issue. In this way- It helps us educate customers on the exact reason why their plumbing system might not be functioning properly.

There are great reasons to request a sewer line or drain inspection with a video camera. Here is a list of 8 benefits from this plumbing inspection.

Video Camera Inspection Benefits:

  • 1-You can find lost valuables:  People lose rings and jewels in the drains or sink while washing dishes. When the video camera is snaked through the pipes, our Plumbers can find the item if they are still in the pipes. 
  • 2-Video Camera Inspections Can View Blockages: One of the huge plusses of these cameras is that they can identify blocks in the pipes that might otherwise be missed. If the blockage is not at the level of the drain, it is can be hard to find. If the drain is running slowly, the blockage might be further down. These video camera services can find these blockages. Sometimes, the culprit might be tree roots that are growing deep in the pipes. Video camera services can find that clog. Debris can also get caught at junctions between the pipes and at sharp turns which these cameras also excel at locating.
  • 3-We will know WHAT the Clog is Comprised Of: A clog in a sewer line might contain bathroom tissue, feminine products, tree roots, or thick grease, and with a video camera inspection, we can understand what type of drain-cleaning method is most appropriate.
  • 4-They locate breaks in the lines: In addition, One of the other common plumbing problems that people might have is a break in the line. If the line is broken, this can cause sewage to leak into the yard or the foundation of the property. This is a serious issue that can lead to significant damage. Sometimes, these breaks can be difficult to find. This is where video-camera services can be helpful. A video camera can snake through the pipe and find the break quickly so it can be repaired.
  • 5-They help to protect your lawn: Before this technology existed, the only way to find a clog in a sewer line was by digging a long trench on a property’s lawn to look for a crack or hole in a pipe. This process destroys the grass, shrubs, and trees on your land, and it can take several years to repair the damages.
  • 6-Fewer Permits May Be Needed: When a plumbing company needs to trench through a lawn, the plumbers may need to apply for permits from local government agencies. By using a video camera to complete an inspection, it is easier to remove a clog or to repair a pipe, so we oftentimes don’t need a permit.
  • 7- Can Save you Money on Future Repairs When Purchasing a New Home: If you are buying a home, it is a good idea to take a good look at the sewer system. If it has problems, this could cost thousands of dollars in repair.
  • 8-It Helps Locate Leaks: A sewer inspection camera can help your plumbing team pinpoint the location of a leak quickly! While some leaks leave obvious visible clues, others, especially those hidden behind walls or under the slab of your home, aren’t so easy to find. Measuring how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the leak allows plumbers to accurately diagnose pipeline problems and calculate the leak’s location. The faster the plumber can find the leak, the better for you. Undetected and untreated plumbing leaks cost money and create serious damage to your home.

Video camera inspections take no more than a couple of hours and provide you with the peace that comes from knowing without a doubt that everything is working as it should.

For Peace Of Mind-Give the Auger Pros team a call at 214-206-6580 to Schedule Your Video Camera Inspection!

By investing in regular video camera inspections, you can keep your plumbing healthy and your days undisturbed by plumbing emergencies. Contact Augerpros Plumbing & Drain today to talk to one of our industry professionals and make sure your pipes stay on the right track.