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Do you need a “Sewer System Backup Plumber Near Me” in Allen, Texas? AugerPros Plumbing and Drain offers complete plumbing and repair services for your home or business in Allen, Texas. Looking for Sewer System Back-Up Specialists that can take care of all your clogged sewer line needs? If so, you can stop your search right now—you just found the leading sewer system backup pros at Auger Pros Plumbing!

Tree Root In Sewer Line

Tree Roots In a Sewer Line, Allen, Texas

Sewer System Backups in Homes and Business

Need a qualified plumber that aptly handles Sewer System Backups In Allen? With proper maintenance, your sewer line can usually last for decades without any major problems. However, sewer line replacement may become necessary to resolve clogs, leakage, and backup that suddenly start impacting your home. Augerpros Plumbing & Drain can provide prompt service for sewer repairs and line replacement so that your property does not sustain additional damage that could compound the cost of your home repairs.

It usually begins with a gurgling sound… or a slow drain. If you notice either, you may have a dreaded backup. When confined to a single drain, you probably don’t have anything to worry about – break out the plunger or pull out that hair clump. But if the tub is backing up when the toilet’s flushed, or the kitchen sink appears to drain straight to your basement, you may be experiencing a sewer system backup and need to bring in the professionals. Our team in Allen is well trained in how to repair or replace the pipes to get you sanitary again.

What is a sewer back up?

Your home or business has incoming water lines and outgoing sewer lines. The sewer wastewater lines are what moves the used water from your appliances,toilets, shower, tub or sinks away from your home. When the waste line gets blocked , water will back up into your home. If this occurs there could be contamination, mold growth and water damage, to name a few.

How our licensed sewer technicians can help solve your drain problems:
When it comes to main sewer line problems, tree roots, debris such as toilet paper, feminine products, and other issues can be at the top of the list of extremely destructive things that can happen to your plumbing pipes. At AugerPros, our team of sewer specialists are experts at unstopping sewer systems damaged by tree roots and other common pipe threats and running video to ensure the problem is taken care of. Our skilled sewer and drain professionals have unclogged all types of plumbing systems from a vast array of businesses and homes to keep your family happy and healthy.

Don’t let sewage backup cause damage to your home or your family.

What Are the Warning Signs of Sewer System Backup?

  • Sewage backing up from the toilet, shower, or even a sink drain.
  • Drains backing up when flushing the toilet.
  • Multiple drains backing up throughout your home or business.
  • Dishwasher and Washing machine backing up when draining.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilet, especially when running water.
  • Sewage smell coming from your drains or inside your home.

If you are experiencing the telltale signs of a sewer system that is about to back up, or it’s already overflowing in your home, or outside from the cleanouts, it’s time to get it taken care of. Call AugerPros, and let our professionals come out, run our high-tech video camera down the line to view the culprit, and get it fixed right away today!

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Tree Roots Blocking a Sewer Line

Tree Root Intrusion Solutions We Offer

Rooter and Drain Cleaning We’ll first punch through the tree root clog to clear the line and get your sewer functioning again. Next, we’ll check the extent of the tree root problem and recommend more permanent solutions.
Hydrojetting Our technicians can clean the pipes out using pressurized water jets. This offers a long-term solution, as the jets will thoroughly scour the line to get rid of debris, tree roots, and grease buildup.
Pipe Lining We can line your entire sewer pipe with a sealing “sleeve.” This is a permanent solution to eliminate water leakage. There are cases where we may be able to line just the problematic section of the pipe. In either case, this process allows us to avoid trenching and the need to tear out your walls and/or other structures.
Pipe Bursting In another permanent fix, we can use hydraulics to break apart your old sewer pipe, whether clay, PVC, or Cast Iron, and simultaneously install a new, seamless pipe.
Maintenance We also offer a continuing inspection and drain-cleaning service to help keep grease and other household debris at bay. It will also eliminate roots from any unlined pipe before they cause a clog.

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