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Do you need a “Sewer & Drain Plumber Near Me” in Allen, Texas? AugerPros Plumbing and Drain offers complete plumbing and repair services for your business in Allen, Texas. Looking for a Sewer & Drain Plumbing specialist that can take care of all your Sewer & Drain Cleaning needs near Allen? If so, you can stop your search right now—you just found the leading Sewer & Drain Cleaning service pros at Auger Pros Plumbing!

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Sewer & Drain Plumbers Allen Texas

Call us for a fast, satisfaction guaranteed solution to all your drain and sewer problems in Allen. Speak with the Allen Sewer and Drain experts from Auger Pros Plumbing and Drain today. Not only do you receive great roto rooter service, but our friendly technicians will give you the best value for your drain and sewer needs.

Our plumbers use the latest technology to detect and assess leaks, clogs, and blockages to keep your home’s plumbing system clear and functioning. If you have a slow drain or need it unclogged, the top-rated Sewer & Drain plumber in Allen is only a call away!

Our plumbing contractors will not only completely clear the clog, but can offer you solutions to keep it from coming back again. This is a frequently requested service for our company, as many of our clients find themselves with clogged drains too often. We utilize high-tech equipment including cameras, rooters, and also snakes to unclog drains and put a smile back on their faces.

Here are Some of the Sewer and Drain Problems We Can Help With:

Clogged Drains: We can clean your drain, and have the latest hydro jetting equipment to blast away clogs, and are drain cleaning specialists. Have a clogged shower drain? We have it under control!

Leaking / Collapsed Drains: If you have a leaking or collapsed drain or sewer line we can perform a thorough diagnosis and repair the line. We have a range of equipment to find the source of the problem, saving you time and money on only having to repair the right part of the line from the beginning. Our top-of-the-line sewer cameras will show exactly what’s causing the problem. Once diagnosed, we can help you with a range of options to solve your issue.

Drain Obstructions & Root Intrusions: If you have a Sewer drain obstruction or a tree root intrusion, we have the equipment to roto rooter your pipes and get them functioning again. It is important with a root intrusion to run a camera down the line to make sure there aren’t other consequences to the intrusion, or more roots further down the line.

Drain Repairs & Replacements: Auger Pros Plumbing is able to offer a range of repairs and replacements and will test the new pipe. We can take care of your drainage installation needs!

New Sewer Lines and City Connections: Our expert technicians can install your new sewer lines or your new connection to the Allen city sewer.

Sewer Line Testing: Auger Pros Plumbing can test your sewer lines, with a static test, to see if there are leaks or compromises in the lines.

What is a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection?

Waterproof video camera snakes are threaded through your pipes to complete a visual inspection of sewer lines and other difficult to reach pipes. This includes pipes that are behind walls, under foundations, underground or encased in concrete. Sewer Line inspections take the guesswork out of hidden problems inside pipes.

What Problems Can Be Identified Using a Sewer Line Camera?

A sewer line inspection video camera allows your plumbing technician to see any problems with the pipe. This might include root intrusion, cracks, punctures, corrosion, or misaligned pipe sections. The camera will also identify grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. 

Don’t let sewage backup cause damage to your home or your family. Call for Sewer Rooter Service!

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Service: You’ll be happy with the level of service we provide or we will make it right.
  • Prices Up-Front: For your peace of mind, you will know the price of the work we will do before we start.
  • Polite, Friendly, and Tidy: Call us and discover the Auger Pros Plumbing difference for yourself.
  • Covid 19 Compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a leak on my sewer system under my house?

Sewer line leaks can be a nasty surprise, but there are some telltale signs to watch out for:
Unpleasant odors: Sewer leaks often emit a strong, foul odor similar to rotten eggs. This smell can come from drains, toilets, or even waft up from the floorboards.
Soggy floors: Do your floors feel damp or spongy underfoot, especially near drains or the basement? This could be a sign of leaking sewage seeping into the subflooring.
Drainage problems: Slow drains or frequent clogs can sometimes indicate a blockage, but they could also be caused by a leak in the sewer line itself.
Higher water bills: A sewer leak won’t necessarily affect your water meter the way a leak in the fresh water supply will, but if you notice a significant increase in your water bill without a corresponding increase in usage, it’s worth investigating.
Changes in your yard: Are there lush green patches in your lawn that seem unexplained? Sewer leaks can provide extra moisture that can benefit some plants.
If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s best to contact a licensed plumber for a proper diagnosis. They can use specialized tools to inspect your sewer line and determine if there is a leak. Augerpros Plumbing specializes in these locates and repairs. Just call 214-206-6580.

Why do I have roots in my sewer line?

At Augerpros Plumbing, we understand the frustration of dealing with pesky tree roots in your sewer system. Here’s the root (pun intended!) of the problem:
Moisture Magnet: Sewer lines provide a constant source of moisture, a treasure trove for thirsty tree roots. Even small cracks or leaks can attract roots looking for a reliable water supply.
Pathway to Growth: As roots grow, they naturally follow the path of least resistance. Sewer lines, with their smooth pipe material, can become a prime target for root infiltration, especially through tiny gaps or damaged sections.
Remember: Professional intervention is key! While the allure of DIY solutions might be tempting, they can be ineffective or even damage your pipes. Our Augerpros plumbers have the expertise and tools to safely remove roots and assess any pipe damage for a long-term solution.

How does Augerpros Plumbing and Drain fix roots in a sewer line?

Here at Augerpros Plumbing & Drain, we understand the trouble tree roots can cause in your sewer line. But fear not! We have a multi-pronged approach to tackle those troublesome roots and get your plumbing flowing freely again.
Expert Diagnosis: First, our skilled plumbers will diagnose the root of the problem (pun intended!). We use advanced video inspection equipment to pinpoint the location and severity of the root intrusion. This allows us to tailor our approach for maximum effectiveness.
Clearing the Blockage: Once we’ve identified the culprit, we’ll employ the most suitable method to remove the roots. This may involve:Mechanical Root Cutting: Our powerful rooter machines with specialized cutting blades can efficiently sever and remove roots from your sewer line.
Hydrojetting: High-pressure water jets can blast away roots and debris, thoroughly cleaning your pipes and preventing future blockages.
Long-Term Solutions: After removing the roots, we’ll assess any damage to the pipes. Depending on the extent, we may recommend solutions like pipe lining or trenchless pipe replacement to prevent future root infiltration and ensure a lasting fix.
Don’t let roots disrupt your home’s plumbing! Contact Augerpros Plumbing & Drain today. We’ll diagnose the root of the problem and get your sewer line flowing smoothly again, guaranteed.

Does Augerpros Plumbing offer hydro-jetting services for commercial and residential customers?

Absolutely! Augerpros Plumbing Clears the Way for Both Homes and Businesses
At Augerpros Plumbing & Drain, we believe everyone deserves clog-free drains! That’s why we offer our powerful hydro-jetting services to both residential and commercial customers.
Residential Relief: Whether your kitchen sink is clogged with grease or your main sewer line is blocked by stubborn debris, our hydro-jetting can clear the way. It’s a safe and effective method for removing everything from hair and soap scum to tree roots and mineral buildup, leaving your home’s plumbing system clean and flowing freely.
Commercial Confidence: We understand the importance of a properly functioning plumbing system for your business. Hydro-jetting is ideal for restaurants to remove grease buildup, for apartment buildings to clear clogged drains, or for any commercial property to ensure smooth operation of their plumbing.
Call Augerpros Plumbing today! We’ll assess your specific needs and ensure your drains, whether at home or at your business, are free of clogs and ready to handle whatever you throw their way.

What is a hydro-jetting service?

At Augerpros Plumbing & Drain, we’re committed to keeping your pipes squeaky clean! One of our powerful tools is hydro-jetting, and here’s what you need to know:
Hydro Power: Hydro-jetting is a method that uses a highly pressurized stream of water to scour and clean your pipes. This intense cleaning force can clear away even the toughest clogs and debris buildup.
Inner Pipe Powerhouse: Imagine a power washer, but for your plumbing! The pressurized water blasts through the pipes, dislodging and removing:
Tree roots
Grease buildup
Mineral deposits
Hair and soap scum
Debris buildup
Beyond Just Clearing Clogs: Hydro-jetting doesn’t just remove blockages, it also provides a deep clean, leaving your pipes free of lingering debris that could cause future clogs. This proactive approach can help prevent future plumbing headaches.
Considering hydro-jetting? Our Augerpros plumbers can assess your situation and determine if it’s the right solution for your clogged drains or sewer line. Contact us today and let us get your plumbing flowing smoothly again!

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Hydro Jetting Services

Our Professional Plumbing Pros use hydro jetting to help clear clogged sewage lines. The plumber will insert a long hose, which is connected to a tank of water to be pressurized by a special machine. Using a blast of water at high pressure, it dislodges buildup and blockages to clear your lines. First, a video inspection is done to determine the location and cause of the issue. If the problem is a tree root blockage, we may need to use a snake to break it up first.

But unlike snaking only, which only breaks up blockages in a line, hydro jetting clears the lines of all the foreign material for smoother flow in your drains and sewer pipes. Hydro jetting is the perfect solution for extensive, stubborn blockages. This is particularly true when dealing with accumulations along pipe wall, and in places where digging up the surface is undesirable, such as in finished basements and hardscaped backyards. Hydro jetting is also an environmentally friendly method of removing tough clogs without the use of any harsh chemicals.

At Auger Pros Plumbing & Drain, We offer hydro jetting services for both residential and commercial properties. This technique removes hair, sand, scale buildup, and silt that clogs your lines. Also, in businesses such as restaurants, regular hydro jetting will remove grease and food particle buildup from your drains.

Call (214) 206-6580 today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from AugerPros Plumbing.


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