High-efficiency natural gas appliances can help you save money and energy every day, plus help our planet with lower carbon emissions. Atmos Energy SmartChoice rebate program provides North and Central Texas customers with cash back for purchasing qualified natural gas appliances and energy-saving devices.

Atmos Energy is being proactive with our planets well being, and are rewarding customers for purchasing water heaters, toilets, thermostats, heating appliances, and more if they fall within their guidelines. For instance you can get up to $250 back on a residential water heater with the Atmos Energy Water Heater Rebate program. To find out more about Atmos Energy Rebates in Texas, read the following table. Find more rebates at

Atmos Energy Rebates in Texas (partial list)

Eligible EquipmentRebate Amount
Natural Gas Boiler (Small Business/Commercial Only)
  • 95% AFUE or greater
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Furnace
  • 90% – 94% AFUE
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Furnace
  • 95% or higher
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Storage/Tank Water Heater – up to 55 Gallon 
  • .68 UEF or higher
  • .67 EF or higher
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Storage/Tank Water Heater – up to 55 Gallon
  • .80 UEF or higher
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Storage/Tank Water Heater – up to 55 Gallon
  • .90 UEF or higher (condensing)
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater
  • .87 UEF or higher
  • .90 EF or higher
  • ENERGY STAR rated
Natural Gas Clothes Dryer
  • with Moisture Sensor
Smart Thermostat Thermostat must be connected to an existing or new natural gas furnace. Limit 1 per home.
  • ENERGY STAR rated

Guidelines for Appliance Rebates

  • Rebates apply to current Atmos Energy residential or business customers in the Mid-TX Division.
  • Rebate amounts listed are applicable for appliance purchase and installation between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. 
  • Rebate amounts are based on the program rules that are active during the time of installation/purchase. Rebate applications will not be accepted after 12 months of the installation/purchase date. 
  • Any and all equipment associated with this rebate must be installed in compliance with required local, state and federal codes. Any tests or inspections that may be required for the verification of such are the responsibility of the customer or installing contractor.
  • Applications will be processed only if funds for the program are still available.
  • Applications must include a copy of a recent Atmos Energy bill under the name and address listed on the rebate application
  • Applications must include a copy of the retail receipt or contractor’s invoice for the appliance or equipment.
  • Each eligible appliance can only receive one rebate, which can be paid to the builder or the homeowner, but not both.
  • Keep a copy of the completed application and all attachments for your records.
  • Do not send the application or other rebate-related forms with your bill payment.

Free Energy Saving Kit

Mid-Tex division customers in North and Central Texas can save more than $100 on energy bills with a FREE SmartChoice Energy Saving Kit. The kit includes a 3-spray shower head, faucet aerator, swivel faucet aerator, and a dimmable LED light bulb.  

Complete this form to request your free SmartChoice Energy Saving Kit.

*Qualifications: One (1) kit per Atmos Energy residential household. Include your Atmos Energy account number when ordering. Availability is limited and this offer may close at any time. 

Get Help With Your Rebate

If you need help submitting your rebate, our office staff is well versed with the protocol. Just give us a call at 214-206-6580 and let us know what appliance you are getting ready to purchase, and we can go from there. We install water heaters, toilets, and more.