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If you are in need of a water line installation and Repair Service in Richardson Texas, you will want a professional local plumbing company that is going to treat you right—a plumbing company that thinks of their customers like family and offers quality products and Free Phone Consultations! You don’t have to look any further—you just found Richardson Texas’s water line service specialists at Auger Pros Plumbing & Drain.

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Water Line Plumber Near Me

In need of expert water line installation and repair services in Richardson? It is one of our many specialties. It is human nature that it puts us into a panic trying to turn on the water and there is a problem… Without running water, we would not have hot baths or showers, we would not be able to easily do dishes, or laundry. Many times we take water for granted until it’s no longer available. When water service is shut off due to a plumbing malfunction, Call the plumbing professionals at AugerPros Plumbing and Drain right away, and let our Richardson licensed plumbers get your water running again quickly.

What are some common water line services in Richardson Texas?

  1. Water Line Installation:

    We offer water line installation for your home or business, including new water line service from the city tap, new water line service inside your home to a new appliance, sink, tub, toilet or bathroom, new water line service in your yard to a new appliance or even frost-proof hose bibs. 

  2. Water Line Repair:

    We offer water line repair in all sorts of situations, including burst water lines, from freezing weather, leaking water lines in the wall, under the slab, under a sink, and can even locate the source of the leak. 

  3. Water Line Re-route:

    There are many instances where you may need a water line re-routed in your home or business. You may be adding an additional bathroom, a new appliance, or just want to re-route the water due to a slab leak that is hard to access. 

  4. Repipe:

    Sometimes it is necessary to completely repipe a water system in a home or business. This happens many times when there are old galvanized steel lines that used to be used for the water system finally giving out. These leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business and create costly water bills. 

Signs you may Have a Water Leak

Running Meter

A continuously running water meter is a sure sign you have a water leak somewhere. Look at your water meter after shutting off all running water in the house. If the meter is still ticking, water is leaking somewhere.

Increased Bill

If your water bill suddenly skyrockets and you are not filling a pool or utilizing your sprinkler 24/7, You could have a leak.

Mold and Mildew

Even in the cleanest of households, it’s possible for a bit of mildew or mold to develop on the shower walls. But mold growing on a non-shower wall or in corners along the ceiling and floor are indicative of leaking water.

Musty Smell

Standing water or continually moist surfaces smell foul. If you know a room is clean and it still smells musty, you may have a hidden leak.

Overgrowth in the Lawn

Unless you didn’t fertilize your lawn evenly, a lush patch of grass in a select area of your lawn, or concentrated wet spots, indicate pipe leakage which is acting as a fertilizer. Left untreated, hazardous bacteria in the underground waste will quickly turn into a messy situation, going from lush growth to lawn destruction.


Stains on ceilings or floors can be caused by water damage. Bubbling or Warped walls on the drywall may mean there’s a leak nearby. Flooring that’s buckled or cracked is a sign of exposure to water.

Water Line Plumber Near Me in Richardson Texas

Whatever kind of water line issue you are experiencing, our professional Richardson Texas Plumbers at Augerpros Plumbing & Drain are available to deliver superior repairs that are fast and effective. Our plumbing technicians have many combined decades of experience and are trained to detect the problem quickly using the latest and greatest leak locating high tech equipment and techniques. Call Augerpros Plumbing— (214) 206-6580, We love to work with Richardson Businesses and homeowners to solve their plumbing needs.

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Experiencing a Broken Water Line?

Broken water lines can lead to extensive flooding and thousands in water damage repairs. If you suspect you have a problem, do not hesitate to call our water line replacement service as soon as possible. To replace your current pipes, turn to Auger Pros Plumbing. Our professional plumbers are waiting for your Call—Let us take your stress away and replace your broken pipes!

Call (214) 206-6580 today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from AugerPros Plumbing.


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