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5 Signs You Need to Call An Allen, Texas Plumber Near Me

Plumber Near Me

Need a plumber near me in Allen? Are you facing a major plumbing issue that you can’t fix with Youtube DIY videos? Do you have a plan B in place? A plumbers phone number on speed dial for you to call? ( 214-206-6580:)

Call Auger Pros Plumbing to have your plumbing problems assessed. Fix the problem before more damage occurs by using an Allen, Texas Professional Plumbing Company for your more demanding plumbing problems.

What Types of Plumbing Can a Reputable Plumber in Allen Help With?

Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing covers a wide variety of plumbing problems for the home. Some common plumbing problems you may encounter in a residential home that plumbing contractors can help with include leaky pipes, malfunctioning water heaters, slab leaks, sewer line leaks, natural or propane gas leaks, clogged drains, and more. 

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing services are focused on plumbing issues in different commercial business settings such as restaurants, strip malls, office buildings, apartments, senior citizen homes, large-scale commercial complexes or buildings, massive building structures with multiple floors, and more.

From drain cleaning to slab leaks, residential to commercial, Auger Pros Plumbing can provide you safe, effective, professional solutions to all of your plumbing issues.

When to Call a Plumber Near Me in Allen: 5 Signs Its Time

When your plumbing issues go from simple fixes to complex plumbing problems, it’s best to call a plumber. 

Here are five signs your plumbing problems require more than a simple fix:

1. You Have No Water or No Hot Water

If you’ve paid your bill, having no hot water may indicate a problem with your water heater. Check these things on your water heater to diagnose the lack of hot water in your home:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Faulty heating element
  • Pilot light is out
  • Tank leak
  • No gas

If you check the above items and you still don’t have hot water, it’s best to talk to your local plumber.

Before you call a plumber, check with your neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same issue, and if you cannot diagnose the problem on your own, contact a plumber near you to get your water running so you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible. 

2. You Have Low Water Pressure

Is it taking you twice as long to wash clothes, or take a shower? Turning on the faucets to only have a slow trickle is beyond frustrating.

Low water pressure is sometimes an easy fix. For instance, your main shut-off valve may be the culprit. Go to your main shut-off valve and make sure it is completely open, or you may want to see if there is a pressure-reducing valve installed. 

Other times, low water pressure is caused by hard water, water leaks, or debris buildup. 

Hire a plumber near me in Allen to help you locate the source of it.

3. You Have a Sewer Line Leak

When you flush your toilet, it goes down to the inlet pipe and into a sewer line. Sewer line leaks are serious, potential health hazards, and often complicated plumbing issues that should be handled by a licensed, insured plumber. A professional plumbing company will have the high-tech tools and cameras to locate the source of the leak safely and quickly.

Sewer line leaks are a hazard to the community, your family, and the environment. If you notice a foul smell, greener grass, or puddles of raw sewage in your yard, you may have a sewer line leak. 

4. Your Drains are Clogged

Still having a problem with your drains even after you plunged or used your vinegar cocktail? Are the stubborn drains still not draining properly?

You’ll need to call a professional plumber to diagnose and clear the problem. Auger Pros Plumbing & Drain can help diagnose common drainage problems that are often caused by grease buildup or a foreign item lodged somewhere in the pipes.

A professional plumber will also be able to determine if you have one of the following larger issues:  

  • Shifted Pipes. Over time, the ground your house was built on settles and shifts. Foundation issues develop. Old concrete and clay pipes move with it, and if they are forced upward, gravity won’t take the water down as intended.
  • Invasive roots. Tree and plant roots can make their way inside your pipes if they aren’t watertight. If there is the smallest pin hole, they can creep in and block the flow.

5. Your Have a Gas Leak

Have you been feeling Nausea, fatigue, or dizziness? Does it smell like rotten eggs in your home? Are houseplants dying?

If you detect any of the above in your home, you should get in touch with a plumbing company that can handle gas line repairs.

Your first instinct might be to grab some potpourri and place it strategically to eliminate the putrid smell. But your first course of action should be figuring out where the smell is coming from. It could be an urgent sign that your gas line needs repair.

It’s vital to contact a gas line plumber, not just the risk of putting you and your family in danger, a defective gas line can also cost you a small fortune the longer it exists.

If you think your gas line needs repair, it’s best to have a licensed gas line plumber come out to look at it the same day you notice the problem and repair the issue. It could be dangerous to your home and family to wait.

Call the Allen Texas, gas line plumbers at Auger Pros Plumbing today if you smell gas in your home.

No Contact Service Calls
No Contact Service Calls

Why a DIY Fix Isn’t Feasible

There are some things in life we can google our way through, but plumbing isn’t one of them. Unless you’re trained in the most recent coding standards and have years of hands-on experience, you’ll likely be guessing at the diagnosis and solution at best.

Not only could this make matters more difficult for you down the road, it could also present a safety risk. From heights to hand tools, there are myriad of safety concerns to keep in mind when you’re in the middle of a plumbing job. The middle of the night isn’t the ideal time to be fumbling around in the dark for your flashlight and screwdriver.

To this end, it’s wisest to call a plumber near you right away. Auger Pros Plumbing is your professional neighborhood plumber near me in Allen. Call today!