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Considering a Bidet During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Bidets are becoming increasingly more popular.

Bidets are used to supplement or replace the traditional use of toilet paper and are a widely-embraced mode of personal hygiene throughout the world. And is becoming ever increasingly more popular here as the US has been in short supply of toilet paper due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Today, many factors are pushing homeowners and homebuyers to request a bidet. So, if you are considering a Bidet During The Coronavirus Pandemic, Here are some things you need to know.

Americans use ALOT of toilet paper. We are finding that out more than ever, going to the store to get a 4 pack and the aisle is bare from the panic buying. But not only is toilet paper prone to clogging sewers and septic tanks, it also isn’t the most comfortable material to use when you have hemorrhoids below. A bidet is a soothing way to cleanse yourself after using the toilet, and it eliminates the need for massive amounts of tree-sourced paper.

The environmental benefits are a huge attraction in switching to a bidet. Bidets are more in line with “ecofriendly” living as they reduce the number of paper products used in your home.  By some estimates, we use over 30 billion rolls of toilet paper a year in the US. alone. This translates to over 10 million trees and billions of gallons of water. Not to mention the innumerable gallons of possibly harmful chemicals used in the process of turning trees into soft, convenient rolls of toilet paper.

 Senior citizens and people suffering from many other injuries and ailments also find a bidet easier to use rather than twisting and reaching using conventional toilet paper. Caregivers appreciate the convenience of the bidet when cleaning up loved ones who have incontinence issues. In addition, bidets can reduce skin irritation in a very sensitive area if you know what I mean.

Types Of Bidets

The classic bidet is your choice if you want a separate bidet fixture. First you use the separate toilet then you will straddle the classic bidet. You must sit facing the opposite way from the way you sit on a standard toilet. As you face the wall, you can direct the faucets spray where you want it.

Separate bidet
Toilet bowl and bidet

Classic bidets are somewhat difficult for kids and old people to navigate, however, especially after using the toilet. That’s why you might consider an integrated toilet that has all of the features of a toilet and a bidet in one fixture.

Toilet Bidet
Toilet Bidet Combo

The new combo toilet/bidets have some pretty high tech features if that is what you are wanting. You can get:

  1. WiFi and Bluetooth Speakers
  2. Nightlight
  3. Tankless Water Heater
  4. Air Dryers
  5. Seat & Floor Heater
  6. Built-In Deoderizer

A separate bidet will require a separate installation.

If you don’t get an all-in-one toilet/bidet combo, you’ll need to have a separate plumbing line and drain that run to and from the bidet. For this reason, many people only install a bidet when they’re doing a complete bathroom renovation.

Plumbers are the best bet for installing your bidet. They will remove your old toilet quickly and easily and install the new fixture. A licensed electrician may need to install new electrical service to the area, but the same is true of the electronic seat types. 

If you are considering a bidet or would like to know more about plumbing upgrades for your North Texas home please contact your local Auger Pros Plumber today. 214-206-6580