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A Stress-Free Holiday Season: Plumbing Preparation Tips

Posted on December 11th, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, homes bustle with festive cheer, gatherings, and hearty meals. Amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to ensure that your plumbing is ready to handle the increased usage and potential challenges that come with the holidays. To help you enjoy a seamless celebration without plumbing mishaps, here are some essential holiday plumbing […]

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Funny Things Plumbers have Encountered

Posted on March 24th, 2023

Plumbing can be a messy, challenging, and sometimes downright hilarious profession. Plumbers encounter all sorts of unexpected situations on the job, from bizarre blockages to wacky customer requests. Here are some of the funniest things plumbers have encountered in their line of work: These are just a few examples of the strange and funny things […]

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25 Common Plumbing Terms

Posted on January 19th, 2023

Scratching your head at what the plumber is telling you? If you have a plumbing problem and can’t understand what the plumber is saying -you’ve got to know the lingo. Please see our glossary of 25 common plumbing terms below: Aerator It is an insert screwed onto a faucet nozzle that reduces splashing by mixing […]

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What is World Plumbing Day?

Posted on March 10th, 2022

World Plumbing Day is an international event, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, held on March 11th each year to recognize the important role plumbing plays in health and well-being. The WPC is an international organization made up of 200 members from over 30 countries around the world. It is their goal to achieve the […]

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What are the Main Types of Plumbing Pipes Used for Your Home Plumbing System?

Posted on January 31st, 2022

Has your plumber given you an estimate and is he mentioning all kinds of technical pipe names? We know it can be confusing because of the choices of several types of plumbing pipes used for water. Hopefully, this article on the main types of plumbing pipes used in residences will help explain better. 1. PVC Pipes […]

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